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the islamist dominated government consolidate its power. >>> an a powerful earthquake struck on japan's northeast coast today. 7.3 magnitude quake shook buildings in tokyo. looking at video there. it triggered a three foot tsunami wave. japan is still recovering from a massive earthquake you remember and tsunami that killed more than 15,000 people last year. >>> wow. the owner of this jewelry store in georgia says it's a miracle no one was killed when this happened. a driver accidentally rammed her minivan into the store. she told police a cannister lodged against the gas pedal. flying glass hit customers, one woman had a deep cut in the back of her head. the store had $30,000 in damage, but thank goodness no one was seriously, seriously injured or killed. look at that, wolf. wow. >> terrible. be careful. >>> president obama's top campaign strategist is here in "the situation room," getting ready, only a few minutes away. david axelrod, he did something today he hasn't done in decades. look at that, look at the mustache before, no mustache after. and guess what, he is ready to do some
to shoot it down. they wanted to fool japan. they succeeded. >> and it certainly does strengthen the new young leader kim jong-un domestically. >> absolutely. they have been trying since 1998 to launch a long-range missile and they failed in the previous four attempts. they succeeded in this. it's not a rocket that can deliver a major warhead. there are marriajor hurdles to >> they have done in north korea where a lot of people are starving what south korea has been unable to do. >> by choice, actually. >> they haven't launched a satellite into orbit. >> south korea has not. this will undoubtedly spur competition with south korea. you'll see that. you'll probably see south korea respond with more batteries and japan will probably already do that. you have heard that we need to spend more. we spend $10 million a year already on a missile system. it has international ramifications that are going to destabilize. this is why the security council is condemning the move. >> so how much of a real threat to the united states, whether hawaii or the west coast, is this? >> we are not threatened an
year's tsunami in japan. a coast guard spotted it in olympic national park in washington. they are trying to reach it to find out if it's harboring the area. >>> gm will buy back 200 million shares and another 300 million will be sold through various means or so. that will end the $51 billion bailout of the automaker. taxpayers are expected to lose money on this deal. the stock hasn't done as well as hoped. >>> south korea has elected its first female president. park promises to salvage the economy and other issues are income inequality. park is the daughter of the country's former military dictator. >>> and take a look at these dramatic i am manuals of a mudslide in motion. our affiliate, komo in everett washington captured the video as the slide slammed into a moving freight train. cars crumbled and derailed, as you can see there. the freight trains were back on the tracks yesterday but amtrack is waiting 48 hours to make sure that this scene is safe. unbelievable when you see that mudslide. >> do we know if anybody was hurt? >> i don't think anyone was hurt. it was a f
to be the busiest day of the year. and in japan, monkeys cuddle together in the snow. hot shots, pictures from around the world. >> those monkeys in japan, not the only monkeys in the news today. jeanne moos has proof that nothing perks up a hum drum shopping day like a monkey in a fancy coat. >> you go to ikea expecting cheap furniture. >> this is so bizarre. why is there a monkey at ikea. >> there he was running around in an outfit that freaked everyone out. >> it's faux fur, not a shearli shearling. >> double breasted, no less. the tweets started to fly. anyone lose their monkey at ikea? actually, yeah. the owner was shopping inside the store when monkey managed to get out of his crate and then out of the car. >> all the people were trying to, like, call it towards them, but it was very scared. it was darting all over the place. they were trying to get it away from cars. >> his diaper only detracted a little from what was later described as his favorite jacket. we asked stylist to the stars to critique the look. how stylistish a simien is he i >> i thought for a second it was an editor i sa
-- their wedding gift from japan. they brought this and hung it here. just about everywhere you go, you are seeing these makeshift memorials. >> angels line one roadway in remembrance of each victim. along the highway, flags fly in their honor. there signs of support everywhere. this kwaquaint town symbolizes nightmare. for the local paper, before last friday the big recent headline was a vandalized cemetery. now thrust into a worldwide spotlight, the normally quiet main street is packed with media and outsiders. that's why kevin tried to do something away from the crowds in town. he hung a huge flag. >> my son served in afghan stwhan we came home. we had one of the flags. we have the means to fly it at certain occasions for my son. >> under this flag, a makeshift memorial grew. >> we came here around 11:00 and set the flag up for the people of newtown. people started dropping off teddy bears and gives and flowers for the families. donations for the funerals. we have been dropping the money off to the church. it keeps growing. >> at the nearby blue colony diner, black mourning ribbons are hung aro
, on the korean peninsula, south korean forces are on alert most of the time. japan watching very carefully. there's a lot of focus on the u.s. military now about putting more planes, more ships, more radars out in asia to watch all of this. >> it does make it more complicated when you're not watching. barbara starr, thanks so much. >>> cnn contributor john avalon is sitting in tonight on "erin burnett outfront". john, we hear you're talking with a sheriff who supports the idea of letting school principals have guns? >> this is true, candy. we're talking to an arizona sheriff who's backing the nra's plan, wants to arm school principals as a way of hedging against any future gun violence. we're going to ask him if that plan really adds up. also, the latest on the fiscal cliff, and our top 5 political viral videos of 2012. they helped set the tone of the debate. it's a lot of fun to go through. >> about 15 minutes from now, we'll be watching. thanks, john. >> thanks, candy. >>> actor matthew mcconaughey is opening up to cnn about the way he's using his fame and money to help young people improve the
, there, joe. japan has another new prime minister. he was elected today by the japanese parliament as the country's seventh prime minister in six years. he had resigned in 2007 after just a year on the job triggering the revolving job of prime ministers. he wants to defend japanese interests especially territorial disputes with china. >>> and at least one person was killed and dozens more are seriously injured from an explosion and fire in a nigeria marketpla marketplace. the flames spread quickly and triggered a stampede which caused a number of injuries. >>> and police say andrew jones faces battery charges after a christmas morning domestic dispute with his wife. he posted bond several hours later. jones played for the atlanta braves from 1996 through 2007. and then he bounced between teams until recently when he signed a one year contract with the japanese team. and no surprise here, "les miserables" opening was far from miserable. it grossed $17.5 million on its one day holiday debut. and not far behind, quinn ten tarantino's film with just under $11 million. so it sounds like
. how excited are you guys? they have come here from kuwait, australia, london, japan, ontario, houston to celebrate this momentous occasion. behind me the ball is going to drop. 12,000 pounds, 32,000 light bulbs, 2,000 pounds of confetti is going to fall here on times square. they're counting down, practicing the ball right now. obviously very tight security here tonight for the celebration of the year. >> it's midnight now in berlin. they're celebrating. we've got live pictures. let's listen in for a moment. >> happy new year! ♪ >> it's 2013 in berlin. you see the celebrations just beginning over there. much more coming up here in the "situation room." >>> and happening now breaking news. the united states will, in fact, go over the fiscal cliff at midnight. can the worst still be averted? more breaking news, doctors reveal the dangerous location of secretary of state hillary clinton's blood clot. >>> plus the countdown to 2013. we'll be going to lon done and key west. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolfe blitzer. you're in "the situati
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)

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